What is Fin Life Diving?

Fin Life Diving is a way of life, a culture, an attitude shared by like-minded (obsessed?) divers. It’s an exclusive, members-only community we created to help organize our next dive adventures. If the ideas below resonate with you, then we hope you’ll be the next to join.

Our philosophy
  • Community. We strive to foster a community of divers focused on diving. We build trust in each other through shared experiences and learning.
  • Dive Buddies. We aim to provide dive boats full of interchangeable dive buddies, so that we all have someone competent and trustworthy to dive with.
  • Dive Buddies. Many of our members are PNW divers. It can take significant time and effort to become comfortable diving in this environment, and when we dive here we want our buddies to have also put in the effort (or are actively working on it).
  • Safety. Diving is fun, but it can also dangerous. We don’t want anyone on the boat who puts themselves or others at undue risk.
  • Options. We offer some dives that are appealing to advanced divers, but might not be appropriate for new divers.
  • Diving! We listen to where you want to dive and plan around that. Shore diving, day charters, land-based, liveaboards, warm water, cold water, local and exotic.
General members expectations
Be courteous and try not to be difficult
  1. Strive to be a good dive buddy, above and below water.
  2. Provide help and assistance when needed, if you are able to.
  3. Dive boats can be tight. Share space. Try not to use more than your fair share.
  4. Hangers will be divided equally. If you need more thatn that, bring them.
  5. Don’t take offense easily. Give other people the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Don’t throw tantrums.
  7. Don’t assume your opinions are the only valid ones.
  8. Follow the directions of the dive operator and dive leaders.
  9. No politics or religion on our dive trips.
  10. Don't be a chronic complainer. Constant negativity is a downer.
  11. Have fun!
Follow Safe Diving Practices
  1. Engage only in diving activities consistent with your training, experience, and comfort.
  2. Make all dives no decompression dives. Stay well within your NDL.
  3. No solo diving unless you are trained to do so and have the proper equipment and permissions.
  4. Have no uncontrolled ascents.
  5. Make a safety stop unless unusual circumstances dictate otherwise (e.g., lost buddy).
  6. Always have at least 500 psi in tank at the end of the dive.
  7. Listen carefully to dive briefings and follow directions.
  8. If your computer locks you out – your diving is done until your computer clears you to dive again.
Experience & Skills
  1. Have good buoyancy control and not muck up the bottom or damage natural structures or life.
  2. Be able to do a smooth free-water ascent.
  3. Be capable of independently leading any dive with an equivalent dive buddy without supervision.
  4. Be able to troubleshoot and fix problems underwater where possible.
  5. Have good underwater communication.
  6. Have good air consumption, or are actively trying to improve. (But don't run out of air - come up with >500 psi!)
  7. Be able to handle current including upwelling, downwelling, and surface current (or choose to sit out dives with current).
  8. Be willing and able to exit a dive safely when conditions are poor or outside of your training, experience, or comfort level.

Certification and insurance: members must have DAN insurance and hold a Master Diver certification or equivalent in diving experience. Rescue preferred.

We are not for everyone, but if this sounds like a good fit for you, then please apply.

If you don’t yet have these skills, then go dive! Join dives with your local dive shops and clubs. Find a buddy and go diving!! Taking classes is a great way to improve skills and experience under the guidance of a dive professional.