Sund Rock - Fin Life Private Event Sat June 17

Sund Rock - Fin Life Private Event Sat June 17

Venue: Sund Rock

Jun 17, 2023 - Jun 17, 2023


Entire Site Reserved


Available: 8 am - 5 pm


Please try to carpool when possilble.


The beach can accomodate 10-12 regular size vehicles, and the upper lot near the office and rinse area can accommodate another 6-8. We plan to keep the group small enough so that we all fit in the beach parking.


For a 15% discount at the Glen Ayr

  • Call at 360-877-9522
  • Tell them that you want the "Fin Life" group discount for June 17 and/or 18



   1. Individually sign-in before going through the gate

   2. Keep the gate closed

   3. No harvesting or fishing

   4. No live fires

   5. Remove your trash when we leave

   6. Everyone must leave by 5 pm




CANCELLATION POLICY: Full refund if cancelled 4 weeks or more before the dive. After that, if you cancel you will be refunded when and if the spot is booked by a different diver.